Apr 07 - 27, 2017

PETS ROCK exhibition makes its global debut at Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai.

Featuring figures, stage sets, installation art, fashion show and hi-tech interactive games, the exhibition combines unique elements of London streetscape with the distinctive concept of adorable rock star pets.

PETS ROCK founders and renowned British artist couple Mark and Kate Polyblank sign autographs for Chinese fans at the event venue at Grand Gateway 66, the first mall at which they raise the curtain on their new looks.

During the event period, Grand Gateway 66 also houses China’s first PETS ROCK pop-up store, where a trendy and creative array of collectibles featuring chic pet stars and diverse inspirations are showcased, including 3C digital products, posh homeware and functional stationery.

Introducing the many facades of the chic vibe and unique cultural lexicon of England, PETS ROCK takes locals on a wonderful journey of wonders in April.