Exhibition of Works by Takashi Murakami

Jul 21 - Aug 06, 2017

The “kawaii” realm of the gifted artist Takashi Murakami comes to life in this exhibition, where three artwork collections are presented in an other-worldly labyrinth which seems coming straight from comic books for visitors to immerse in the artist’s “Superflat” fantasies.

Art is the zeitgeist of our time which manifests itself in daily lives. It is an inquisitive dialogue between artists and their time. Showcasing the most representative works by contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, this exhibition offers art buffs in Shanghai an intimate rendezvous with the artist’s “Superflat” fantasies at the mall.

The exhibition path is divided into different themed zones, where visitors marvel at dozens of Takashi Murakami’s classic works like The 500 Arhats, Mr. Dob and Sunflower that bridge art and pop culture.

Another highlight is the interactive “In” selfie installation, through which visitors become part of Takashi Murakami’s kawaii Sunflower.

Adhering to the vision of offering quality shopping space with an eclectic brand line-up, Grand Gateway 66 presents the Takashi Murakami Collections Exhibition with a view to promoting public art by connecting artists at home and abroad while offering Shanghai residents a lifestyle experience in which art and culture collide.