Grand Gateway 66 2018 Halloween

Oct 08 - 31, 2018

This year, Grand Gateway 66 is partnering well-known picture book writer and toy designer Kasing Lung to launch 'The Monster Hunt' – an unprecedented carnival for visiting customers. The event takes place at the newly opened Grand Gateway 66 (North Building) from October 8 to 31. 

In this 'The Monster Hunt' themed event, there will also be various enticing interactive activities, including 'Repelling the Hunter' and 'Lucky Pumpkin Pool,' which will not only make all visiting customers feel the excitement of Halloween, but also enrich your shopping experience.

Also on the fourth floor, an installation consisting of nine mono-colored triangular columns is on display. You can take photos with these columns and more importantly, make memories of a wonderful shopping experience!

This is the first time The Monsters have made their way to mainland China, and to mark this milestone moment, there will also be special edition LaBuBu Dolls and Elf Umbrellas for guests to purchase.