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GG66 "Tune in to Christmas"
活动场地:L1 Atrium、L1 Pedestrian street、Outdoor plaza
日期:Nov.10th –Dec.31st
During this December , Grand Gateway 66 is full of wonderful Christmas notes.We use a grand visual feast of music to activate your soul of music, and make you dancing in your own Christmas symphony.
活动场地:L1 Atrium
日期:Oct.9th –Oct.31st
This Halloween,“Hip Hop Skelet”,“Wicked Witchy”and “Pumpkino”invite you to join them for a night-out at Grand Gateway 66.Come to the dark side,and let's ghoul party!
Grand Gateway 66 X Game of Thrones
活动场地:L1 Atrium、1F HongQiao Corridor & 2F platform bridge
日期:Jul.20th –Aug.13th
Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by HBO. It is one of the most successful television series in the world with tens of millions of fans.The exhibition in GG66 is its first exhibition in mainland China. The exhibits include jewelry、armor and a 1:1 Iron Throne.
2017 GG66 Murakami Takashi Exhibition
活动场地:L1 Atrium、BF1 MTR Tunnel
日期:Jul.21th –Aug.6th
Murakami Takashi Exhibition will focus on “naive force”, main exhibitions include “Sunflower”,“500 Arhats”,“Mr.DOB", and " Korin "and other series of new limited edition.
GG X Pets Rock-2017 SS Fashion Month
活动场地:1F Atrium,Inner Street
日期:April.7th –April.27th
"PETS ROCK" world's first exhibition took place in Grand Gateway 66 during Apr.7-27. Dolls, scenery, art installations, fashion show, interactive games, the concept of the exhibition will combine with unique fashion style ,personality elements of London street and eye-catching adorable pet rock star, multi-faceted show British fashion style and unique cultural style show, is committed to make GG66 the most dazzling fashion stronghold.
GG66 X 《Beauty and Beast》 Thematic Campaign
活动场地:1F Atrium,Inner Street
Walt Disney Pictures teamed up with Grand Gateway66, dedicated brilliant show of movie themes from valentine's day to white valentine's day, bring the most wonderful romantic journey to the audiences in 2017, let the fans feel the romantic magic of Beauty and the beast in advance.
GG66 CNY Thematic Campaign
活动场地:1F Atrium
Shanghai Grand Gateway changed greatly during the Chinese New Year. Red finery, exquisite paper-cut grilles, mixed opportunely by western decoration technology transfer thick Chinese blessing,to meet the new year.