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Grand Gateway 66

Where Wonders Converge

A popular hot spot in the center of Xujiahui, Grand Gateway 66 is ideally situated atop Xujiahui Station, Shanghai’s largest metro station. Grand Gateway 66 draws on an unparalleled pedestrian flow and creates a unique synergy of shopping, dining, entertainment, working, and living in a one-stop, integrated complex “where wonders converge”.

Vibrancy is at its most energetic as the subway meets Grand Gateway 66 via Xujiahui station, where three metro lines converge, seamlessly connecting the teeming metropolis with our six-story shopping mall, two world-class office towers, and high-end serviced apartments. As Shanghai’s landmark destination for fashion and food, and leisure and lifestyle, the mall incorporates a diverse line-up of brands covering a Cineplex featuring state-of-the-art technology, a rich array of international food and beverage outlets, and a cluster of fresh, premium fashion and accessories labels, together offering a sophisticated urban shopping experience.

In 2017, Grand Gateway 66 commenced a phase-by-phase rejuvenation project, bringing large-scale infrastructure upgrades that will further improve connectivity within the retail complex and between Grand Gateway 66 and the city at large, side by side with all-new tailored spaces for luxury retail experiences and the arrival of exciting, superior brands. With the progressive optimization matching the aspirations of Shanghai people, the development’s status as Shanghai’s modern and sophisticated landmark commercial complex will only be further enhanced.