Happenings | Grand Gateway 66 “Style Lab"

Apr 06 - May 05, 2019

Spring is officially here, and with the rising temperatures and bright sunshine, it is time to go out and enjoy the warm weather. Just in time for the season, Grand Gateway 66 has been carefully studying the latest fashion developments to launch Style Lab, a new destination for trendy families.

Style Lab draws inspiration from the London T-stage show that was held in the spring and winter of 2019. It uses bright colors, geometric shapes and spectral perspectives for the overall main design. People can directly enter the main display from any of the three main entrances to take photos. The interiors feature mirror-like material platforms, a reflective stage that can be used as a show floor and tinted transparent windows. The metal gradient color coating makes the interior look magical and spectacular.

In addition to the fashion trends incorporated in the installation, the Style Lab at Grand Gateway 66 has also launched the Tide Lab, where you can experience music, live performances and other surprises. 

In the atrium of the 1st floor of the North Block, you can listen to jazz music in a relaxingly romantic atmosphere. Activities here will be hosted in a joint effort with SS New Look campaign of 2019, which aims to bring you the season's hottest fashion items. The first and second floor of the North Block will also host fashion houses Ted Baker, Particle Fever, INNIU, Stuart Weitzman, Lafayette 148 and Anne Fontaine, along with many other brands. The third floor will feature the main leisure events, while the fourth floor holds the parent child family area. Amenities will be available for people with different needs to view and feel the trends of the new season.